What We Do

Con-Lei Transport, LLC is a for-hire carrier regulated by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association (FMCSA).  As such they are licensed and insured to ship motorcycles to rallies and special events throughout the U.S. – for no additional cost to the client.  They use 53 foot semi-trailers that can accommodate up to 30 motorcycles each.  Con-Lei also offers airline and hotel assistance as well as information about things to see and do while at an event.


Con-Lei Transport typically offers door-to-door service when loading and unloading a client’s bike.  If that service isn’t an option due to trailer size, they arrange to meet clients at designated pick up points as near to the clients’ home or business as possible.  Con-Lei normally loads bikes the weekend before a rally and returns bikes the weekend after the rally.  This way clients are not losing prime riding time at home while waiting for their bike.  As part of the reservation process for any event, Con-Lei provides a contract that guarantees the client’s space on the trailer.  Prior to loading bikes, they provide a full written inspection of the client’s bike for the protection of both parties.


On the day of pick up, motorcycles are rolled onto the trailer via lift gate and secured in the trailer using a wheel chock, e-track and ratchet strap system.  Bikes are not crated and they do not come off the trailer until the client arrives for pick up.  Bikes are not warehoused or staged, nor are they left unattended during the trip.  If the client does not arrive on the first day of the rally, their motorcycle remains in the trailer until they arrive.  If they leave before the end of the rally, their bike goes back on the trailer at the time of their departure.


Click here to download a contract or call us at 443-744-3199 to discuss your motorcycle shipping needs.